Magnetic Sound Baths


A sound bath is an immersive listening experience. Participants lay back as vibrating sculptures create an encompassing wash of sounds. The experience creates a mental space for relaxation, contemplation, and mental clarity among listeners.

The sound bath experience has been gaining popularity in NYC and across the U.S. in yoga studios, meditation centers, other private spaces. To read more about the movement, you can check out recent press releases here and here.

A group soundbath at our studio

What is the experience like?

Many participants claim pronounced relaxation and reduction in anxiety both during and after the experience. It is not uncommon for participants to drift into hypnagogia, states of consciousness between awake and asleep. Some even engage in focused breathing exercises, incorporating techniques drawn from traditional meditation practices.

More than anything, a sound bath creates a temporary break from the sensory stimuli of an active life, allowing people space with their thoughts, and time to inspect their own internal mental narrative. Because of this, the experience is sometimes compared to other meditation techniques such as flotation tank therapy.


Electromagnets on one of our resonating sculptures

How is it "magnetic"?

We've incorporated our new patent-pending technology into the experience. Most sound bath practitioners work with gongs or hand-held instruments; we instead use electromagnets, vibrating metal strings on wooden sculptures, inducing resonance to create the sound. So the vibrations are acoustic, coming from organic materials, but the experience is driven through contemporary technologies.



How does it sound?

Each sound bath is unique. The sound moves around the area throughout the experience, so it is difficult to recreate in a recording. But you can get a rough idea of it by listening to these audio excerpts:


Where have we toured?

Boston Cyberarts Gallery             TBD             Boston 2017
CENTRAL BOOKING Art Space       Mathematics in Nature      New York 2017
The Alchemist's Kitchen           Mimakaha          New York 2017
Cosmo Art and Science Foundation        (Permanent Acquisition)       Hamburg, Germany 2017
Wythe Hotel                 WXW On Air          New York 2017
Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Hacking Arts         Boston 2016
apexart center               Youniverse Exhibition        New York 2016
Knockdown Art Center            Machines in Music       New York 2016
CENTRAL BOOKING Art Space       Talk Talk            New York 2016
New Museum of Contemporary Art        NEW INC “Public Beta”      New York 2016
Catskill Zendo Monastery            Magnetic Sound Baths      New York 2016
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum         Design for the Senses        Boston 2016
Intel Village               MakerFaire            Bay Area, CA 2016
Harvestworks Arts Center         Soundspace           New York 2016
Times Square                   Times Square Arts          New York 2015
New York Electronics Arts Festival        Governor’s Island         New York 2015
Bushwick Open Studios            Seeking Space           New York 2015
Louisiana State University            NIME Conference         Baton Rouge 2015
Starrett-Lehigh Building           (Private Commission)        New York 2015
Pioneer Works Art Center            Software for Artists         New York 2014

Recent Shows

Some footage of our group sound bath experience at the Catskill Zendo Monastery in upstate New York. The temple, also known as "Bak Lim Sa", is a center for Buddhist practice and lifestyle that hails from Korean Zen tradition.

This exhibition explored the contextualization of the sound bath experience in a space dedicated to more traditional mindfulness practice. The result is a new, more experimental approach to sound meditation, juxtaposed with traditional Zen practice. It made for interesting conversation with the monks in residence! 


We are grateful for the many supporting contributors and sponsors helping us make this innovation a reality: